Who are we? We're an independent Game Developer Collective, hell-bent on bringing you the most epic CO-OP experience we could possibly make.


"Inspire or manipulate? Collaborate or compete? Quality or quantity?
In life, friendship and in all things we create, our passion is quality."
- 10 Chambers Collective

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The Collective

We are a tightly organized team of old school developers, entrepreneurs, programmers, artists, musicians, working together as a family.

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If Ulf were to walk up to the edge of a jungle and raise his arms outstretched, all the animals would just come to him.

..his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries!

If Oscar was a sushi, you would be the dessert.

Grand Moff / Whiteboards are white because Svante scared them that way.

All arrays Hjalmar declares are of infinite size, because Hjalmar knows no bounds.

Henrik once managed to find the Brown Note twice.

Anders is the only one who faced the mighty Cthulhu and lived to tell about it.

Always be yourself
Unless you can be Gustav
Then be Gustav!

The boogieman's nightmares consist of Anders chasing him with an axe and a rubber duck.

Wart. Wart never changes. Seriously, anybody got wart removal cream?

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