About us

10 Chambers is a game developer based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded in 2015. We are hell-bent on bringing you the best co-op gaming experience possible.

We released our first game, GTFO, a hardcore co-op horror FPS, in 2019. As founders, we felt we needed to create it to make game development fun again—and it worked! The game is also quite successful, considering its niche audience of hardcore gamers who want a real challenge. And we’re having a blast playing it ourselves – something we do at the office occasionally. Check it out on Steam here.

Since the release of GTFO, we’ve grown from a team of ten, primarily working from home, to moving in over 100 employees to our newly renovated office at Drottninggatan 95, the former home of the Royal Institute of Technology.

Here, we’re working on Den of Wolves, our next evolution of the co-op FPS genre. It’s a heist game in a techno-thriller setting where you and your friends operate as criminals for hire in the conflicts between rival corporations in Midway City. If you have read this far, you might as well check out the trailer and wishlist it on Steam here! Thank you.

Life at 10 Chambers

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