Master Animator

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about animations!


An animator who can deliver on a vision and have a mindset that iterations lead to perfection.


An animator who’d like to actually get listened to, get to have an opinion about the game and wants to help improve it. 


An animator who knows that animations are extremely important, animations can make or break an enemy design, they make the player feel awesome or bland, they tell a story.


An animator who wants to have a say in developing kick-ass games; not just a cogwheel or portfolio builder.


We need someone who is a skilled all-rounder with a focus on gameplay. 

We don’t require any specific program or tool skills other than a familiarity with Unity and the FBX format.
Choose your tools freely; time, result, performance, and flexibility are key.

Evolve and learn in a non-competitive environment, try new stuff as long as you deliver on our common goals, and help to continuously evolve our workflow. 


As a Master Animator you will set the benchmark for our animation team, inspire and help others to grow. 


Are you that animator? Then please apply!


Required Qualifications


Bonus Qualifications


10 Chambers is a small game studio based in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. We are an ambitious team of creative and highly experienced developers with a lifelong love for games. Right now, we’re working on GTFO, a 4-player hardcore co-op action/horror FPS currently in Early Access.


We’re now looking for new talents to join our team – people that want to join us in our journey of bringing GTFO to Version 1.0, and cooking up the next legendary co-op gaming experience. At 10 Chambers, you will get to work with talented developers from a wide range of disciplines in an open, non-competitive, and highly collaborative environment.


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Master Animator